We Are Perennials: ASH + AMESIt all started with a store-bought cupcake.

Several years ago, Trisha and Amy found themselves on the phone talking about how to make a store-bought cupcake look homemade, since you couldn’t possibly show up to your child’s school with store-bought cupcakes as a class birthday treat.

Talking about the craziness of this and other expectations put on today’s mothers led them to lots more discussions, and those discussions led to authoring three books, which then led to interviews on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Oprah. All of this activity, investigation and discussion was based on one simple question:

Can we have it all?

After the books and the talk shows, they sent out to answer that question—and the result evolved into ASH + AMES.

ASH + AMES was created from the need to provide women the opportunity to have it all by leading Beautifully Balanced lives. Lives that have purpose, allow us to participate in community, and give back in a meaningful way. Lives that we choose and live on our own terms.

Trisha and Amy achieved this through designing and curating unique, hand-made jewelry, while creating a community of connected women that they are blessed to know and be a part of. Every piece ASH + AMES  sells tells a unique story—one of the artisan’s craftsmanship, the materials involved, and the environment from which it comes. Through these stories you can discover the amazing people and processes behind our collection.