Long-time BFFs and business partners, Trisha and Amy have written three best-selling books, all about relevant issues facing this generation of women.

They’ve created a career out of tapping into the true voice of women in this generation—first with I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids (motherhood), Dirty Little Secrets of Otherwise Perfect Moms, and then with I’d Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper (marriage). Their latest book, out April 10th, is called Just When You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin, it Starts to Sag – Reinventing Midlife. They consider themselves social anthropologists, and have interviewed 500+ women to get their insights, secrets, fears and wishes. They have also thoughtfully curated essential insights from a range of leading experts in the fields of psychology, medicine, work/life balance and spirituality. Their books have garnered press including Oprah, Today Show, 20/20, Rachael Ray, NPR, People Magazine, InTouch, and CNN.

Trisha and Amy also created ASH + AMES, a female focused brand of jewelry made by artisans around the globe, inspired by a mindful and philanthropic journey to Haiti where they met women making bracelets out of natural resources. ASH + AMES empowers women to pursue their own next chapters while giving back as a core mission.

The common thread among all of their endeavors is a drive to empower women to create meaningful change in their lives, leading to a happier, more fulfilled and purposeful path.  They love the word “Perennial” – to them, it perfectly describes this generation of women—uniquely enduring, evolving and ever-lasting.

"It seems as though the clock started winding down once our moms hit midlife. For us, we're just hitting the 'restart' button."

Dina, 40